The Caribbean

Large Pool for Entertaining

caption-icon The Caribbean

The Caribbean style pool is modeled to match The Mediterranean in almost every way, but has been modified to stand at 6’ 4” at its deepest depth. Leisure Pools designers created this model with hope of providing homeowners with the opportunity to build the backyard paradise they have always dreamed of. Whether you have a have large family that loves playing games in  the water, or simply enjoy playing the host — entertaining guests, friends and family — The Caribbean is the perfect pool to help you make it happen.

The versatility of The Caribbean cannot be overstated in its ability to satisfy homeowners’ needs. It maintains a large wraparound bench at the shallow end, offering a great play area for children or ample seating for adults. The wide entry steps allow easy access to the bench area as well as the swimming pool floor.

With the deep end only reaching 6’ 4”, The Caribbean provides a more gradual descent as you move into the deep end. Now, you not only have plenty space to stand, but also a larger area to play water games, such as volleyball or basketball. Whether it is having fun in the water with your family, or hosting a pool party, this pool is ideal to accommodate any situation. The  flowing, free form style of The Caribbean will complement any setting, and can be easily incorporated into a multitude of landscape styles, conforming to suit your aesthetic tastes.

Classification: Freeform
Available Sizes: 1

  • 16’0′ x 40’0″

Key Features:

  • Generous Entry/Exit Steps in a Textured Finish
  • Wrap Around Bench Seat in Shallow End
  • Unobstructed Swimming Corridor
  • Perimeter Safety Ledge
  • Gradual Slope from Shallow to Deep End

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