Cirrus Gunite Pools and Spas

When a client approaches Cirrus with a selection of customized ideas, the best option is to turn to gunite.

Gunite pools are an excellent way to include a variety of different features and options to make swimming an enjoyable experience all year long. Cirrus lives by the motto, “If you can dream it, we can build it!”

The flexibility to customize the color, shape, texture, look, and feel of each gunite pool or spa is what makes it ideal for those looking for a truly unique aspect to their home. Clients can customize the pool in a way that makes it a genuine one-in-a-kind feature.

From a vanishing edge pool complete with a pebble finish and perfectly designed yard, to an indoor spa with glass beading perfect for enjoying the warmth on the coldest of winter days, Cirrus is ready to make their clients’ wishes come true.  

If clients are looking to take things one steps further, connected spas, waterfalls, automated covers by Cover Pools, benches, fences, steps or a gradual sun shelf are all excellents options. A gunite pool by Cirrus will withstand the test of time and fit each client’s needs perfectly. Clients can even opt for “beach access” which allows swimmers to get wet at their own pace.

Due to the highly customizable nature of gunite pools, the overall budget can easily be adjusted to respect the client’s financial stipulations.


View Cirrus’ latest gunite pools in the gallery below.

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Once the gunite pool or spa is installed by their Certified Building Professionals, clients can turn to Cirrus for upkeep and maintenance. Thankfully, gunite pools are one of the most durable materials on the market. When gunite pools are correctly installed, they can last for decades without significant maintenance work.

However, when it comes time for an upgrade in finishes, or a quick fit to the coating material, Cirrus’ restoration team will be ready to make it happen.

Cirrus offers maintenance to ensure equipment is running well, the water is balanced and everything feels right when their clients jump in. Cirrus maintenance services are a fantastic option for those looking to enjoy their pool or spa without devoting the time needed to keep it running flawlessly. Clients with a Cirrus maintenance plan will be able to enjoy their time in the pool and spend less time working on it.

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Whether the project is large or small, Cirrus’ dedicated design and installation team is ready to bring every client’s pool and spa dreams to life.

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