Cirrus Fiberglass Pools and Spas

Fiberglass pools from Cirrus Pools and Spas are perfect for clients who want to jump right into a spacious swimming pool without breaking the bank.

The pre-designed molds from Cirrus’ exclusive fiberglass pool partner, Leisure Pools, can be transported from their warehouse and installed into a client’s backyard generally within four business days.

Cirrus clients are involved in the entire fiberglass pool process – from the initial dig-out to the installation – the Cirrus staff members are there to guide and support clients every step of the way. Not only will the pool meet the client’s understandably high aesthetic expectations, but it will fit into the Earth perfectly.

Many clients who opt for a fiberglass pool want to swim all year long, and thankfully, the fiberglass material heats up rapidly – even during frigid winter months. The fiberglass material is ideal for clients who don’t want to give up swimming, even when snow is falling.

View Cirrus fiberglass pools and spas in the gallery below.

Several years after the installation of a fiberglass pool, it may be time to freshen things up. Thankfully, upkeep is simple due to the lifetime warranted Composite Armour™ coating. However, if trends change or restoration is needed, simply call a Cirrus pool specialist. They will listen to each client’s needs and suggest the most practical solution.

From the wide range of beautiful shapes and sizes, to the smooth installation process and quick renovation turnaround, there’s a reason why Cirrus fiberglass pools are so popular in the New Jersey area. In addition to the drive to give clients everything they wanted and more, Cirrus Certified Building Professionals have their own set of high standards to meet before finishing a project.

For those looking for a functional pool with little desire for a lot of custom finishes, a Cirrus fiberglass pool is the way to go.

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Whether the project is large or small, Cirrus’ dedicated design and installation team is ready to bring every client’s pool and spa dreams to life.

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