The Cube

Modern Rectangular Pool

caption-icon The Cube

This modern rectangular pool offers beautiful square edged steps that lead into an enormous unobstructed area for swimming and playing with plenty of room for exercise, relaxation or fun and games with the family.  The Cube has a design feature of a cover box at the step end of the pool. This enables an automated cover to be installed into the cover box and the area then covered with either granite stone or composite (in the same color as the pool) to create a bench area over the cover box area.

The automated cover, when activated, will extend out from behind the bench and extend down the entire length of the pool. The cover floats on the surface of the pool water providing many benefits including better insulation for heating and keeping debris out of the pool. The Cube has been designed for a slatted pool cover. There are a variety of slatted pool covers available with many having the feature of being able to absorb a certain weight load of a person walking on the cover. Covers that are designed for this application, will slightly sink down to a small ledge built into the pool, just under the typical water level, so as to prevent the cover from sinking further, thus providing an additional safety feature to the pool compared to a noncovered pool.

Classification: Geometric
Available Sizes: 5

  • 10’8″ x 23’0″
  • 10’8″ x 26’3″
  • 13’1″ x 29’6″
  • 13’1″ x 34’6′
  • 13’1″ x 39’5″

Key Features:

  • Generous Entry/Exit Steps in a Textured Finish
  • Built-In Area for Slatted Automatic Cover
  • Perimeter Safety Ledge
  • Flat Bottom Pool

Plans for Modern Rectangular Pool

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