Project Spotlight

Completed Fiberglass Pool Project in Bridgewater NJ

Project Spotlight

We recently completed a fiberglass pool project in Bridgewater NJ.  Besides the pool, the project scope included stone retaining walls, bluestone patios, extensive site drainage, planting, landscape lighting, sod and irrigation upgrades.

Here are a few pictures that our client took and sent over to us at dusk on the last day of the project.  It was the first time they were seeing the completed project with the pool lights and landscape lights turning on, and they were excited to show it off!

This fiberglass pool is the ‘Infinity’ model from Leisure Pools.  It is 15’5″ wide and 40′ long with an 8′ deep end.  It is one of the largest fiberglass pool models available.

If you look at the black fence in the background you can see how much the site slopes from left to right.  We incorporated a stone retaining wall to allow the upper bluestone patio to remain at a level grade.  Two sets of solid bluestone steps allow access from the lower pool area to the upper patio.

The lower bluestone patio was setup to receive either a pergola or covered pavilion as a future phase.  A small timber retaining wall was needed to create a level area for the storage shed.  We took advantage of the shed as an area to hide the pool equipment.

This is a great angle of the yard from the upper elevation.  A few path lights provide subtle lighting of the steps and planting areas.  The deck steps also incorporate lighting for both aesthetics and safety.