Project Spotlight

Completed Pool Project in Clinton Township

Project Spotlight

Here are some photos of our completed swimming pool project in Clinton Township, New Jersey:

Bluestone pads (basically miniatures patios) were installed in the lawn area opposite the main pool cabana to create room for chaise lounges and umbrellas.

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Often times we will position a pergola or cabana at the end of the pool as a visual feature.  On this property we did not want to block the almost infinite looking views over the open fields, so the pergola and cabana are offset to one side of the pool.

The simple yet strong rectilinear patterns of the bluestone patio are repeated inside the pool with 2×2 mosaic waterline tile and square entry steps.  Edison style string lights hang from the pergola creating a soft glow over the outdoor dining area.

Pretty stunning views looking over the pool from the main pergola seating area…

During the design phase of a project we often refer to the concept of creating an outdoor room. These areas serve as an extension of your homes interior living space…

Simply putting a table and chairs on a patio does not create an outdoor room. The space must be defined on a few sides by either curtains, walls, fence or even plants that create a sense of enclosure. The space might even have an overhead roof…

By adding other items such as an outdoor rug, cushions and table decor the outdoor room becomes even more defined. It now becomes a destination for you and your guests to relax and unwind.