Swimming Pool Design

Concept to Completion – An Overview of the Pool Design Build Process

Swimming Pool Design

The process of designing and building a swimming pool here in New Jersey is fairly complex.  There are many factors that influence the design: zoning requirements, site topography, sun/shade, budgets, the list goes on.  Here is a quick overview of how a pool goes from design to construction to a completed project.

The Design Phase

Our team of architects and designers will meet with you to discuss your wish list for the project. We will get feedback from you on how you plan to use the pool.  Will there be a spa?  Heater?  Lights? And so on.  We will then check the zoning and construction requirements for your township to see where the pool can fit on the property.  Often a pool will need to be a certain distance away from the property lines and other structures.  Once we have all that info we will do some conceptual sketches.

caption-icon An example of a conceptual plan view sketch for a swimming pool

All of our designs begin in ‘plan view’ such as the example above.  In plan view we can start to define basic shapes and spaces as they are situated on the property.  Plan view drawings also allow the designers to take into account the zoning setback requirements of the township. We will often do supporting perspective sketches to make it easier for the homeowner to visualize the actual outdoor spaces.


caption-icon A supporting perspective sketch

Refining the Design

After meeting with you to review the plans we will often make adjustments to the design based on client feedback.  The design process is repeated until a final plan has been agreed upon.  This plan will also be submitted to the township as part of the permit application.

caption-icon A final plan rendering that will be used to start construction



Once the permit application has been approved by the township we are ready to start construction.  We will do a layout of the pool for final approval of the homeowner before we start excavation.  The photos below show the construction progress from roughly the same angle, looking back towards the house.

caption-icon Pool Layout using stakes and marking ribbon
caption-icon Excavation, forming and rebar
caption-icon Completed gunite
caption-icon Coping and other site features under construction
caption-icon Completion of project

Here are some additional photos of the same project looking from the house out to the rear yard space.

caption-icon Pool Layout Prior to Construction
caption-icon Excavation, Forming and Rebar
caption-icon Completed View