Pool Maintenance

How to REALLY relax by your pool this summer…5 tips to maintaining your pool

Pool Maintenance


Detailed pool maintenance is not an extravagance, but a necessity to alleviate the hassles & maximize

the fun & enjoyment. Following a safety and functionality checklist is the key to ensure you receive

the full benefits of your pool all summer long…



Checking your safety barriers such as gates and fences, to confirm they are sturdy and undamaged, is essential to protect children and pets from unattended access.

Pool lights, ladders, and other attachments must also be checked for proper function to use safely.

The Water Filtration System is essential for clean, crystal-clear water.  After the long winter, your filtration system could have acquired debris, clogs, or damage.  A thorough clean out and test of the system provides peace of mind that your filter operates efficiently and eliminates summer vibe killing mid-season repairs.

Pool water chemistry is a delicate balance to suppress bacteria while also being safe for skin contact.  Other factors such as minerals in hard water, must also be managed to minimize build up in the filter and unsightly staining of pool walls.

Shade cover is a highly needed accessory on hot summer days.  An inspection of their structural integrity for proper installment and signs of wear insures it will stand up to sun, wind, and rain. Also, keeping your shade covers clean can hinder introducing additional contaminates into the pool.

Opening a pool is not just a routine task, but a preparation to dive into all the joyful moments of summer.


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