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Infinity Edge Pools

Options & Accessories

Whether your house sits on top of a wooded slope or hillside or overlooks a spectacular cityscape vista or a dramatic body of water… you have an opportunity to create a pool experience that can be both unique and spectacular. Your view may In fact, have been the reason why you bought your home in the first place. Why not incorporate the view into the design of your pool?  Most people think it’s a complicated process but it’s really not. Actually, you don’t need a dramatic view overlooking the bay or even a steep drop off as seen from the rooftop pool we installed 2 seasons ago (below). Any drop in elevation can create the opportunity for an infinity edge pool.

A vanishing edge swimming pool (also known as an infinity edge pool, a negative edge pool or a wet-edge pool) is a swimming pool where water flows over the edge producing the visual effect of water with no boundaries.  These pools are often designed so that the edge appears to merge with a larger body of water, open field, or the sky.  It can provide a stunning look, especially for pools that are on vistas or with a scenic view.  These pools are absolutely beautiful but you may be wondering if a vanishing edge pool will work in your backyard.


How it works:

A vanishing edge pool is an illusion.  It has an edge that comes to water level instead of above it, so that water flows over the edge.  A trough or catch basin is installed to receive the water after it flows over the edge.  From here the water is collected and pumped back into the main pool.  A surge tank (area for additional water to be temporarily stored), is required to handle the delta between water levels from when the pump is running (and there is a measurable volume of water falling over the edge ) and when the pump is turned off and the excess water no longer runs down the edge and needs to be stored.