Fiberglass Pools

Lifespan of a Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass Pools

“How long will my fiberglass pool last?”

This is one of the most common questions we get regarding fiberglass pools.  The fiberglass pool category is currently the fastest growing market in the pool industry.  Fiberglass pools are easy to maintain and the installation process is much faster than other in ground pool types.  They are extremely durable and have a lower long-term maintenance cost compared to concrete and liner pools.  So – how long will they last?  Let’s dive in…


The simple answer…

A high quality fiberglass pool should last well over 50 years.


Quality manufacturing…

The first step in assuring your pool will last a lifetime is choosing a reputable manufacturer.  Not all fiberglass pools are built to the same specifications.  Leisure Pools is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fiberglass pools.  Leisure Pools designs and constructs all of its pools with the highest technological advancement in a trademarked product called Leisure Pools ‘Composite Armour’ Composition.  A product of continuing research and development, the result to you the owner is the assurance that you are purchasing the best fiberglass swimming pool on the market.  The 3 key elements that separate a Leisure Pool from the others are:

  • Patented Composite Armour Core of Strength
  • Patented Full vinyl Ester Resin Construction
  • Exceptional Quality Control   

Quality installation…

No matter how high quality the fiberglass pool shell is, it will fail if not installed properly.  Here at Cirrus Pools we take great pride and care in the installation of your pool.  Here are some of the most important steps we take to assure a long lasting pool project:

  • Clean stone/gravel base under the pool
  • Clean stone/gravel backfill along the sides of the pool
  • PVC Schedule 40 Hard Pipe plumbing lines
  • 12″ thick rebar reinforced concrete bond beam
  • 8″ vertical pipe to relieve groundwater pressure


Proper Maintenance

No matter what type of pool you have – proper maintenance is critical to a long lifespan.  Maintaining proper water chemistry is a very important part of maintenance.  Water that is not properly maintained can damage the pool structure as well as other equipment such as pumps, lights and heaters.  Pool water pH should be around 7 – right in the middle of the pH scale

Quick tips for proper fiberglass pool maintenance:

  • Keep water level halfway up on the skimmer opening
  • Check water chemistry regularly
  • Only use chemicals approved for fiberglass pools
  • Keep skimmer baskets clear and check filter to see if it needs cleaning
  • Winterize your pool and install a winter safety cover


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