Project Spotlight

New Gunite Pool Design!

Project Spotlight

Our design team has been working on a concept for a new gunite pool and spa project in Sussex County.  Beyond typical zoning setbacks, the site has additional limitations for where the pool can be located due to farmland preservation easements and freshwater wetlands.  The potential location for the pool has a moderate slope that will require several retaining walls to create a flat terrace for the pool, spa, patios and surrounding landscaping.

Here is a look at the initial concept plan:

All of our projects start out as designs in plan view (looking down from above).  When a project will require multiple changes in elevations – that results in walls and steps – we find it helpful to do perspective sketches to give the client a better understanding of how it will look.

Here are a few of the perspective sketches we worked out:

This first perspective gives a good view of how we plan to create a raised stone wall at one edge of the pool – to retain the elevation for the patios and to also act as the pool code barrier.  The spa will sit at a higher elevation from the pool – allowing water to cascade down for both visual and audio appeal.

The second sketch gives a look at how the elevations work along the edge of the house.  There are several existing doors and windows that influence the placement of new stone walls and walkways.  The intent of the raised pool wall is to allow for an open view down to a very large pond on the property.  This will keep the view open as opposed to closing it off with a fence.  The remaining pool code fence will be hidden in the proposed planting beds.

This last sketch shows the client what the actual view will look like from the existing second floor deck.  A new walkway will be created from the existing deck to the new proposed pool area patios.  The stone walls will match the existing stone veneer on the house and the patios will be natural bluestone.

Stay tuned as we continue to develop the design on this exciting new project!  To find out more about how to get our team started on your pool and backyard design – reach out to us today:


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