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Pool Area Renovation

Tile, Coping & Patios

Last year we completed a major patio renovation around a swimming pool on a rustic residential property in Hunterdon County – New Jersey.  As part of the project we were asked to examine the pool to see if anything needed repair or upgrades.  For an older pool, almost everything was in very good condition.

The plumbing lines were all fine – skimmers and returns passed inspection.  Plaster and tile were in great shape.  Other than a few mortar joints that needed repair, the bluestone coping was also structurally sound.  The clients were not crazy about the style of the coping (smaller irregular shapes).  However, since it was in good shape – it made more sense to spend money elsewhere.

Existing conditions shown in above photo

Problems With the Existing Conditions

The existing patio space was very small.  The clients could barely fit (2) lounge chairs by the pool.  Any addition tables or chairs had to be set on the uneven lawn area.  The exposed edge of the pool coping also presented a tripping hazard.

New bluestone patio completed

Bluestone - Durable, Natural, Local

For the patio material the client’s choice was pattern bluestone.  This is an extremely durable material for a patio.  It holds up very well to the climate here in the northeast.  We extended the patio space at the pool entry steps and created a solid patio connection to an existing set of stone landscape steps.

At the deep end of the pool we created a planting bed to allow for future seasonal plantings.  We are seeing a trend on residential pools to not have patio on all sides of the pool.  We now concentrate larger patio areas on 2-3 sides of the pool to allow lawn or plantings to come up to the other edges.

Large patio space near pool steps with areas for planting at the deep end of the pool

It made the most sense to position a larger patio at the shallow end of the pool.  This is the closest point of entry from the patio into the pool using the pool steps.  It also allowed us to take advantage of the amazing view looking out beyond the pool.

An elevated view of the completed project

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