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Selecting a Material for Your Coping, Deck, or Patio Surrounding the Swimming Pool

Options & Accessories

When planning for a swimming pool, many people concentrate on the design and functionality of the pool itself, overlooking the importance of the adjoining patio area.  However, the patio surrounding the swimming pool is just as essential as the pool itself, as it sets the tone for how the space is used and enjoyed.

For instance, a large patio area has numerous benefits, such as providing more outdoor furniture and entertainment options. More space means additional lounge chairs, tables, and other outdoor furniture pieces creating ample space for guests to relax and enjoy the sun. Added patio space should certainly be considered if you’re thinking about adding a firepit or fireplace.  Such setups offer excellent opportunities for socialization, transforming the backyard into an outdoor paradise.

That said, smaller patios might have less space, but they come with lower maintenance requirements and can fit tighter budgets. Additionally, smaller patios create a more intimate setting that’s perfect for quieter gatherings with family or close friends.

There are several material options for the patio space, including stone, pavers, decorative brick and wood. Each material has its pros and cons, such as cost, durability, and visual appeal. For example, stone might be inexpensive, but a stone patio requires little maintenance, retains it’s value over time and  could be more aesthetically appealing. Wood has a warm look, soft texture and doesn’t retain as much heat as stone, but will require more yearly maintenance than say a stone or paver patio.

Ultimately, the choice of patio size and materials depends on the homeowner’s budget and personal preferences. However, it’s crucial to consider the function and style of the patio area to maximize the overall enjoyment of the swimming pool. A well-designed patio enhances the beauty and usefulness of the pool, adding value to the home and providing a welcoming outdoor space for family and friends.