Fiberglass Pools

Smaller Fiberglass Pools for Tight Yards and Smaller Budgets

Fiberglass Pools

One of the best parts of our job is being able to turn the dream of having your own swimming pool into reality.  Swimming pools are a big investment, but the memories created poolside with family and friends seems worth the price.  But what if you are on a tighter budget or have a smaller yard?  Are there still options for having a pool?  Absolutely.

We here at Cirrus Pools offer fiberglass pools in many different shapes and sizes, including several smaller models that fit better into smaller yards and smaller budgets.  This article is a guide to those smaller fiberglass pools.

Plunge Pools:

What is a “Plunge Pool?” The general definition is a small, shallow pool that is typically built for the purpose of lounging, wading and cooling off for swimming and exercising. Today, many homeowners are installing a plunge pool because of their
smaller size, easier maintenance and lower cost of ownership including reduced water requirements. Plunge pools don’t just serve as a place to cool off and relax as many homeowners now see them as a landscaping statement.

If that is what you are looking for then The Fiji Plunge or The Palladium Plunge might be the best model for you.

The Fiji Plunge:

The Fiji Plunge is a beautiful pool with a formal design and a bench down one wall allowing you to sit and relax. The bench is perfect for the addition of spa jets to enjoy the benefits of rushing water on your body and the therapeutic effects it can have on you. The Fiji Plunge also combines a deep and generously sized wading area to cool down on a hot day. It’s also the perfect social pool where you can chat with friends and family or simply relax and enjoy the calm outdoors. The Fiji Plunge has the perfect compact size will fit in just about any size backyard and the bench seat allows the pool to be installed very close to your house or boundary fence.  The Fiji Plunge pool is our smallest pool measuring 9’6″ x 6’11”.

 The Palladium Plunge:

The Palladium Plunge is the ideal pool for smaller yard sites. It makes a great centerpiece for a courtyard scene with plenty of options for landscaping. The Palladium Plunge can be fitted with optional therapeutic spa jets. The smaller courtyard-style plunge pools are also much less expensive to heat if you should want to extend your swimming season.  The Palladium Plunge measures 8′ wide and is available in either 16′ or 20′ length.

Smaller Rectangular Pools:

One benefit of rectangular pools compared to free form pools is that you get more water surface area with a rectangular pool.  This means more room to swim and relax.  The curves of the free form pools cut into that available space.  Rectangular pools are also easier to fit with an automatic safety cover.

The Harmony:

The Harmony is a simple, rectangular swimming pool with square corners that provides you with a sleek, modern design. This model includes a spacious bench that runs the entire length of the pool, providing direct access to the entry/exit steps that lead down to the pool floor, or the single steps in or out of the pool itself. The Harmony was created as a pool with deeper depths, ensuring even the tallest of people can have an enjoyable swim.  It is its width, however, that enables it to fit comfortably within many home blocks.  By having the full length bench and steps on one side of the pool, the design allows the deepest part of the pool to be well away from any house foundations. This can often allow the pool to be set closer to the  home, a great benefit for backyards with limited space for a pool. The Harmony measures 9’6″ wide and is available in 4 lengths: 16’5″, 19’8″, 23’0″ & 26’3″.

The Esprit:

The Esprit is a generous 18’ 8” long pool with enough space to swim and relax with a flat bottom depth that is under five feet. The Esprit includes a long bench seat running down the length of the pool for convenient access and exit or to relax upon. The
bench design also allows you to install The Esprit in very tight spaces next to the house or a boundary fence. The Esprit is the perfect pool to have swim jets installed which allow you the benefit of swimming in a smaller space. It presents you with a  rectangular corridor that invites leisurely swimming and exercise or the ability to add an exciting design element to your  outdoor living environment.

The Elegance:

The Elegance has a large, unobstructed swimming corridor which is perfect for swimming laps. The central step location also incorporates a generous seating area where optional spa jets can be installed to create a relaxing spa nook. There are no  unnecessary steps or benches inside the body of the pool which would cut down on swimming area. The pool maintains pleasant depths at both ends of the pool and comes in a variety of sizes to suit almost any backyard size or location.  The Elegance is available in 5 different sizes, the smaller sizes measuring 11’6″ x 19’8″ or 12’6″ x 23’0″.

The Reflection:

The Reflection is simple and elegant, featuring square corners that epitomize contemporary design, which lends itself to unlimited landscaping options that will reflect your aesthetic style. The full-length bench and steps on one side of the pool ensures the deepest part of the pool is located away from any house foundations. This can often allow the pool to be situated closer to the home which is a great benefit where space for a pool is limited.  The Reflection measures 12’6″ wide and is available in 4 lengths, the smaller lengths being 23’0″ & 26’3″.

Smaller Free Form Pools:

If you love the look of curved lines in a swimming pool then a free form pool is the style you are looking for.  There are several smaller pools available to fit a smaller yard and smaller budget.

The Riviera:

Suitability and adaptability are the words that are most often used to describe The Riviera pool. This is a swimming pool design that seems to blend perfectly with any home style and any home site. Its beautiful flowing lines and free form design
are a delight to landscape.  Good looks is not the only feature of The Riviera as this style is truly a great pool for the family.  The large, wrap-around bench at the shallow end is a great feature. Not only is it a play area for the kids but it’s just perfect for adult seating as well. The wide steps give access to the bench area and also to the floor of the pool. The main body of water is generous in size and ideal for playing games and swimming.  The Riviera is available in 3 sizes, the smaller option measures 12’4″ x 26’7″.

The Tuscany:

The free form shape of The Tuscany can adapt to any theme you may wish to create with your swimming pool area. Free form designs fit perfectly in just about any pool site but are particularly adaptable to difficult corner sites where the free form shapes afford considerable versatility of placement. The free flowing curves allow you to maneuver the pool into places that many other more formal shapes won’t fit. The Tuscany maintains generous-sized steps into the pool at the shallow end as well a bench seat swim out toward the deep end. Even though the pool seems quite curved, there is a full length, unobstructed  swimming corridor down the center of the pool, which affords the ability to swim laps.  The Tuscany is available in 2 sizes: 12’1″ x 23’3″ & 14’1″ x 28’6″.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Fiberglass Pool?

Even with a small fiberglass pool there are many township inspections along the way.  The average fiberglass project takes between 2-4 weeks to install.  That’s much shorter than the average gunite pool which takes about 12 weeks!

How Much Does a Smaller Fiberglass Pool Cost?

There are many variable that contribute to the exact price of any pool project however as a guide we can tell you that most smaller fiberglass pool project range between $25,000 – $45,000.  Selections such as coping material, filtration equipment, lighting and utility hookups will all affect the price.  If you’re interested in learning more about pricing for fiberglass pools, contact us today to discuss a quote for your project.

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