Options & Accessories

Swim Jets for your Fiberglass or Gunite Pool!

Options & Accessories

There are several freestanding exercise pools available that are specifically designed for swimming, jogging and general exercise therapy.  These pools are typically much smaller than a regular size backyard pool and are meant for only 1 user at a time.  They are great for exercise, but do not allow for all the other benefits of an in-ground pool.  So what if you want the best of both worlds?  Do you need 2 pools?

Not at all!

A BADU SwimJet system can be installed on both fiberglass and gunite pools, new or existing!  The BADU SwimJet systems are a unique self-contained water propulsion system (also known as a water treadmill) that can supply a constant jet of water to transform any pool to fit a variety of needs. Although built to be compact and low profile, the system can be turned up to a very powerful level creating a current in excess of 5,700 gallons per minute from the jets.

For new fiberglass or gunite pools – jets are installed during the construction process.  An external pump provides the water propulsion.

caption-icon Swim Jets installed on a new Gunite Pool

If you have an existing pool – there is an option for a self-contained unit that sits on the pool coping/patio.

caption-icon Freestanding Swim Jet System for Existing Pools


So how does it work?

BADU SwimJet Systems push water through adjustable jet nozzles that create a concentrated and customizable water flow.  There is a “burst area” at the jet outlet capable of a flow rate of up to 400 gallons per minute at 37 feet per second.  The system then pushes the body of water in front of it – creating a current (or “flow”) of up to 5,700 gallons per minute – measured between 4 and 6 feet from the pool wall. This is called the “sweet spot”.  This sweet spot and the direction of the flow and its rate is completely adjustable.  The BADU systems don’t limit you to the use of your pool because you are able to direct this sweet spot as you like and continue to enjoy other areas of your pool as you normally would.

Reasons to consider a SwimJet System:

Family Fun

  • Create your own exciting water park in your backyard
  • Great for Boogie boarding against
  • Create a lazy river effect or Choppy water effect

Aquatic Exercise & Therapy

  • Provides a mild to vigorous workout with endless swimming
  • Great for walking in place – with no stress on joints or bones
  • Enjoy a Therapeutic Massage with the Pulsating Massage Hose

A Perfect Fit

  • Accommodates installation in limited space and varying pool designs.
  • The Badu SwimJet System offers many different packages in a wide price range, to satisfy a variety of exercise styles and budgets.


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