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This New App Let’s You Rent Private Pools… by the Hour!

In The News

You can rent a vacation house on Airbnb.

You can rent a camping tent in the wilderness on Tentrr.

And now you can rent private swimming pools for a few hours or the full day.  Say hello to Swimply (the combination of ‘swim’ and ‘simply’), the newest app is the rapidly growing peer-to-peer rental market.

From the Swimply website:

“Welcome to Swimply, the first online marketplace for Pool-Sharing. At Swimply, we are utilizing the power of community to bring the pools of the world into the fingertips of those who would love the intimate luxury of one but simply don’t have the access. All the while helping pool owners everywhere make an effortless income from their costly underutilized asset. Whether you’re stuck at home with the kids, done with a long day of work (or homework) or just bored, we want you to be able to teleport somewhere awesome with a few clicks of a button. We want mini-escapes to be as ordinary as a glass of coffee or a good nap.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing (even if it is nothing), you should be able to stop doing it and just be able to escape somewhere awesome.

With Swimply, you can.

Swimply-Escape Locally.”


A Simple Concept:

Pool owners list their pool online for an hourly rate (typically around $75/hour depending on whats included).  Prospective swimmers then search the local listings, schedule payment and then go swim.  Some rentals include patio furniture, pool toys, bbq grills and more.  Pretty simple indeed.

Swimply is currently available in 26 states – including New Jersey.

Here are a few sample pools up for rent in the garden state:

caption-icon Via Swimply – Pool for rent in Hamilton Township NJ $65/hour

caption-icon Via Swimply – Pool for rent in South Amboy $90/hour

caption-icon Via Swimply – Pool for rent Washington Township $375/hour