Swimming Pool Design

Winter… The Perfect Time to Buy a Pool!

Swimming Pool Design

It’s December.  Thanksgiving leftovers are gone (hopefully) and the rush is now on for holiday decorating, shopping for presents, holiday parties, baking cookies, untangling the Christmas lights, the list goes on and on.  And it’s December.  It’s cold and snowy.  You need 15 layers of clothing to get from your front door to the mailbox and it takes an extra cup of hot coffee or tea to get the feeling back in your face.

A swimming pool is probably the last thing on your mind.  Besides, a pool won’t exactly fit under the tree so it’s unlikely you considered buying one as a holiday gift.  But there is actually some very solid logic as to why you should be thinking about a pool this time of year.  Planning for a pool during the cold winter months will allow for an earlier start to the construction of the pool which will ultimately extend the time you are spending poolside.

Pool Options:

Here at Cirrus Pools we build both concrete and fiberglass pools.  There are many different options for both styles and we will be happy to review those with you at a meeting on your property.  We will discuss options for lighting, heating, salt systems, pool cleaners, etc.

Permits Take Time:

Once all of the decisions have been made about pool location, shape, size and equipment options it’s time to submit plans for township permits.  Here in New Jersey most municipalities will require a survey with topography and a grading plan showing where the pool will be located and how drainage patterns from rainfall will be handled.  This step can take quite a bit of time, as you may need to get updated plans from a survey and engineering company.

Here are some examples of what is required for permit drawings:

This is an example of an existing conditions survey.  It shows the location of everything that already is on the property and the current topographic information before any work has started.  It may show the location of utility lines, septic fields, trees, fence lines, etc.

Using the existing conditions survey, we will generate a plan showing the proposed pool along with any other project elements such as patios, sheds, pergolas, planting and landscaping.  The pool equipment location will also be located on the plan.

From our plan, an engineer will develop any grading and drainage elements that may be required by the township.  Very often drain pipes, catch basins and silt fence are required to prevent water runoff to neighboring properties.

It takes time to plan and prepare for a pool project.  Here at Cirrus Pools we will guide you thru the entire process, from design, to permits to construction and completion of the project.  Give a call or send an email to get started on your project!  We look forward to hearing from you!